How Time Flies!

It has been over two and half years since my last post!  Wow, time flies!! The biggest news in the past couple years is that I am now a registered nurse. Finally!  Nursing school was fun but a lot of work.  Therefore the lack of photography blog posts.

Although I will be concentrating on building my new career in nursing, I feel that I will always be a photographer.  After a month or so without picking up a real camera I start to get withdrawal symptoms.  So, I will be taking some portrait and headshot clients again.  I might even second shoot a wedding sometime soon.

Oh, but the other big news. We moved to the Phoenix area!!



New Head Shots

I am one of those photographers that is not fond of being in front of the lens. When a camera is pointed my direction I automatically pull out the silly faces. So when Jennifer Low and I got together to take new head shots she had quite the challenge before her! Out of all the awkward looks I gave her I found two that I liked. One is here below. I know two doesn’t sound like a very successful session, but it was! I have had sessions where I just didn’t like anything. I have a lot of goofy micro expressions which can be very entertaining for clients, but they don’t record well.

I will post a few of Jennifer’s head shots next.

Kids Portraits in Surprise Arizona

I went to Arizona in December for a brief trip to visit family. I hate that they live so far away, but now that the kids have iPods it makes Skype calls super easy. Here are the latest images of my sister’s fabulous five!

Above, in orange, is my nephew that has autism – he is always a challenge to shoot. I would say these are some of the best images he has ever taken! +Andrea Roberts

Family Photo Session in Mountain View, CA

A few years ago, ok four years ago – time flies, I photographed Masako’s maternity session and their newborn session when their first baby arrived. Their oldest is now four and a big sister. I recently photographed the family again when their latest addition arrived. Here are a few of my favorites. The second image makes me laugh every time I look at it.

The New Travel Blog

Bryon and I are embarking on a winter road trip! It will be a short one this time, but we have started a travel blog if anyone wants to follow.
The travel blog isn’t as pretty yet because I am just starting to use Word Press, but we will be adding images and such as we travel.