Should I Have Professional Makeup for My Engagement Session?

Guest post by Vanessa Quinteros at Beauty Mark Ink

Most people don’t think of having their makeup professionally done for their engagement session, because they think they would just like something natural and could probably do it themselves. However, if you are investing in professional photography, you want to ensure to look your best and have photo friendly makeup; while still looking and feeling like yourself.

Here are a few things to remember. Primarily, professional photography will minimize your makeup (it will appear to remove about 20% of what you have on your face). So once you see the photos you may be surprised that you did not have coverage you thought. You may even look “washed out”. Because of the way professional photographers use light artistically you will also notice that skin imperfections are more noticeable if not concealed properly.

The type of makeup used is also important, as not all makeup is photo friendly. You want to avoid any makeup that reflects light; which includes shimmery makeup and makeup that contains these light reflecting ingredients: titanium dioxide, mica, zinc, paba, and any oxides. These ingredients will make skin lighter and often look gray, white, purple, or bluish. Proper highlighting and contouring can also make a huge difference in your photographs. Airbrush makeup application is highly recommended as it is the closest in skin appearance, and has a beautiful light weight finish. Many brides take advantage of their engagement session to schedule their bridal trial/consultation. Since your makeup will be “photo ready” it’s easy to quickly make a few changes to your bridal look, and be ready to go for your engagement session! You will have an opportunity to see what the makeup looks like in photographs, and how long it will last. Why not get the V.I.P treatment for engagement shoot!
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