chyna darnerThanks for taking the time to stop by! I’ve been photographing weddings since 2002.  In 2002/2003 I spent a year at Academy of Art in San Francisco learning more about studio and location lighting.  I’ll skip the long bio about the first time I picked up a camera and what inspired me to take up photography. Instead here is a little bit about me.

*I love photography!

*I recently graduated SFSU with a BSN. I’m super excited to now also be an RN!

*When not I’m not working you will find me hiking or at the gym.

*I really love to travel. Favorites include Menorca, Spain; Paros, Greece and Thailand

*I love working with people

*I’m a bit obsessed with brick walls and old buildings

*Shopping is fun unless it’s for something specific

*I LOVE to dance

*My other passions are environmental health and nutrition

*Being “green” should be easier

*Dark chocolate please!

*My husband makes me laugh:)

*When I was a teenager I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer.  Then I saw a documentary where two photographers sat all day in the jungle with bugs crawling on them, just to get the “shot”. No thanks! I like working with people and the constant activities of a wedding day.



*Appointments available in Phoenix area or via Skype.

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