About Me


Chyna loves to take photographs of happy people celebrating life and love. Intricate wedding details and beautiful brides keep Chyna’s eyes observing and her shutter releasing all though out the day. In her own words – “What is not to love about a wedding! Everyone is happy, smiling, looking their best and there to party.”

The Past

The first time Chyna took a picture, she was five years old. Not to say that was the beginning of her career!! It just happened that her mother, who loved taking photographs of her two little girls, had enrolled in a college photo class. While her mother was working on assignments Chyna would ask to take pictures too.

As time passed photography remained Chyna’s number one hobby. During and after college she worked at photo stores and labs; all the while photographing her friend’s weddings and portraits of friend’s children. Upon moving to the Bay Area she took a legal admin position, but after a few years her love for photography moved her to start her own photography business and leave the corporate life behind. At that time she attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco to expand her knowledge in studio and location lighting techniques.